Recording and Editing for the Ear

When most people hear the word "recording" they think of a big music studio.   Microphones, cables, a big mixing board, impassive guys with side-parts wearing big thick headphones, watching lots of lights and meters and for some reason, smelling like glue.*

We love that stuff.   We've been in love with it for decades.  Half the time, we don't even notice the smell.  But those things are just tools.   They're only useful if you know what you are using them for.

It's not about the gear, it's about the ear.

In order to be successful, a recording has to effectively convey its message to its intended audience.

We encourage you to be exacting about your project.   Climb inside the head of your audience and insist that what you hear matches the interior design in there.

  • We work with you to make your script as effective as possible—so that it says what you want it to say, in language that makes sense to the people you're speaking to.
  • We make sure it's clear.  Then we work on the "how" of it.
  • We make sure that you have the right talent for the job, and get the very best out of that talent, using an assortment of chains and pointy objects**
  • We handle all the logistics to get the sound you need—microphones and cables and mixers and glue-smelling side-part guys—in a form that works best.
  • We have years of experience editing and mixing to make your message as clear as you hear it in your own head.  Many, many years.
  • We deliver your product in the form that works best for you ... and for your audience's ears ... with particular concern for the fellow who's next in line to handle it.

* You have noticed that a lot of audio engineers smell like glue, right?
** This is a lie. We very very rarely harm our vocal talent. Once a week, at most.

You don't necessarily have to think twice if you want stereo. We do charge quintuple for THX, though.