Short-run CD Duplication

"Let's be Completely Honest*"

It's pretty near impossible to buy a computer that can't burn a shiny silver disk. Unfortunately, while those disks are great for moving data, they just don't look very good(1), and making a lot of disks on a single drive is an annoying, time-consuming task.

Of course, rates for CD duplication by the thousands has never been a better deal. If you have the time and you need lots of disks, you can get a really great product at a really great price(2).

But most of the time, you don't NEED thousands of disks. You need 30 or 50 or 100 or 200 CDs that look really good.

And you need them quick.

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Duplication on plain white or silver matte CD-R or DVD-R media (up to 79 minutes)
  • Full color high resolution printing directly on the disc surface
  • Packaging of both CDs and DVDs includes a clear-over-black Slimline (5.2mm) CD case which reveals the printed CD or DVD inside

Base rates are:

    Qty 1-6 $8.40
    Qty 7-18 $5.09
    Qty 19-48 $2.90
    Qty 49-99 $2.27
    Qty 100+ $1.83

The following options and substitutions are available for CD as well as DVD duplication, which are added to the base rate.

For CDs:

  • Water- and smudge-resistant media in white or pearl, + .41
  • Jewel case with color imprinted tray card, + .45
  • 4-page full color Booklet, + .90

For DVDs:

  • Plain white Minus media (DVD-R), + .10
  • Water- and smudge-resistant white DVD-R media, + .55
  • Plain white Dual Layer media (DVD-DL), + .84
  • Plain white Blue-Ray media, + 4.50
  • Slimline (7mm) DVD case with full color cover insert, + 2.00

We do good work. We do it fast.

If this is what you need, then please give us a call or email us at

*This is the fine print. This is all of it.
1. The First Rule of Audio is "It's gotta LOOK GOOD."
2. The First Rule of Printing is "Quick. Good. Cheap. Pick any two."